Raytheon Signs Electronic Warfare Agreement with Australian Defense Science and Technology Group

first_imgRaytheon and Australia’s Defence Science and Technology (DST) have signed an agreement to jointly develop and prototype advanced electronic warfare capabilities for the Australian Defence Force.Under the agreement, Raytheon will provide its Multi-Function Receiver Exciter System test bench, a control system and a modeling and simulation environment. The lab will use MFIRES, a part of a product family that includes Raytheon’s Next Generation Jammer Mid-band, to evolve and test advanced EW techniques.Along with its electronic attack capability, MFIRES is also a radar warning receiver, providing electronic support and protection. Integrating multiple functions enables system success across the full EW mission by using less power, weight and space, all crucial elements in creating a significant advantage in electronic warfare.DST is the Australian government’s lead agency responsible for applying science and technology to safeguard Australia and its national interests. It is Australia’s second largest government-funded science organization after the CSIRO. As one of Australia’s largest employers of scientists and engineers, it delivers expert, impartial advice and innovative solutions for Defence and national security. The DST has its national headquarters in Canberra, with research facilities in Melbourne, Edinburgh (in the northern suburbs of Adelaide), Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, HMAS Stirling at Rockingham (near Perth), Scottsdale in Tasmania, and Innisfail in northern Queensland.The DST Group, Australian industry and Raytheon will stand-up the lab in Adelaide, where they will take the first step toward creating a sovereign, integrated electronic warfare solution in Australia.Click here to know more about Raytheon EW Solutions.last_img read more

u-blox Releases First Mass-Market L-band GNSS Correction Module

first_imgu-blox has unveiled an affordable new solution to bring centimeter-level accuracy to GNSS receivers. The new NEO-D9S GNSS correction data receiver module receives GNSS correction data from correction service providers broadcast on the L-band (at 1525 ­– 1559 MHz). A host processor can then decrypt this correction data and provide it to a high precision GNSS receiver, combining corrections directly with readings from the satellite constellations to enable much more accurate position readings than those offered by GNSS signals alone.Use of the NEO-D9S will also increase the availability of high precision GNSS positioning data in areas with limited connectivity and reduce the amount of cellular data consumed by positioning receivers. Key customers are expected to include carmakers – Tier 1 and OEMs, industrial system integrators that offer position-correction services, and any other applications that rely upon very accurate positioning at low cost.The NEO-D9S module is a correction-only receiver, based on the latest u-blox 9th generation (D9) platform. This means that it will integrate easily with the u-blox F9 RTK GNSS receivers from u-blox, or can be used as part of a modular product roadmap. The module also integrates a TCXO and SAW filter to ensure good RF sensitivity and resilience to interference from adjacent channels.The module includes the algorithms necessary to decode satellite data broadcasts. It is configured to work initially with whichever correction service has been set as default, but can be configured for any L-band data broadcast. It stores its configuration settings in non-volatile memory.Click here to learn more about this module.last_img read more

J.R. Smith and others who messed up big in sports history

first_imgCHRIS WEBBER, 1993The announcer said it before the game-deciding moment even happened: “Remember, the Wolverines are out of timeouts.” Well, Michigan’s Chris Webber didn’t remember.After dribbling into a corner with 11 seconds left in the championship, surrounded by defenders, Webber called a timeout . Automatic technical foul. North Carolina hit two free throws, then two more to seal it.Michigan lost 77-71. It was the last time the Fab Five played together, as Webber went to the NBA 0-2 in NCAA finals appearances.MAGIC JOHNSON, 1984Even legends make mistakes. During Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Magic Johnson lost track of time. His Lakers and the Celtics were tied with 13 seconds left in regulation. Johnson got the ball. For some reason, he ran out the clock , not passing it until it was too late for his teammate to put up a shot.Boston won that game 124-121 in overtime and ultimately took the series in seven games.The nickname “Tragic” Johnson was thrown around after that.BEATRICE CHEPKOECH, 2017There are no shortcuts in steeplechase. And during the World Championships, Beatrice Chepkoech accidently tried to make one.Just two laps into the 3,000-meter event, Chepkoech completely missed a water jump . The bypass forced her to backtrack and trail her competitors. She ultimately made up a lot of ground and finished fourth.The Kenyan distance runner had been in the lead.BENNY AGBAYANI, 2000Runners were on second and third in a regular season game. The Giants hit a fly ball into the outfield, where Mets left fielder Benny Agbayani makes the catch. Three outs.Or so Agbayani thought.Agbayani jogged to the stands, handed the baseball off to a kid and started to run to the dugout. Only then did he realize his mistake – there were only two outs – and took the ball back from the fan. The giveaway was ruled a two-base error and both runners crossed home as a result. Mets still came out on top 3-2.MARK FLEKKEN, 2018Hydration is key, but so is paying attention. In Germany’s second division this season, Duisburg goalkeeper Mark Flekken turned his back and meandered into the goal to take a drink. To his surprise, the moment he turned around, Ingolstadt was right there, sending the ball into his net. There was nothing he could do but stand there at that point.After the match, Flekken admitted he thought he had a couple moments to spare since his team had just scored and music was playing in the stadium. He also said he won’t be putting his water bottle in the goal anymore.Luckily for Flekken, Duisburg pulled through 2-1.Also, that water bottle ended up for auction.JASON MONEY, 2014With 3.7 seconds left on the clock, Spanish Fork (Utah) High School was up by three points and facing fourth down. Rather than punting the ball, quarterback Jason Money took it with plans to run out the clock. Which he technically did.Money stopped at the sideline when he saw zeroes, fully prepared to celebrate, when a Maple Mountain defender realized the play – most importantly, the game – was still live. The whistle hadn’t blown. So, he stripped the ball from Money and a teammate returned it 22 yards to score. Maple Mountain won the playoff game 17-14.JAMES JACKSON, 1986Older doesn’t always mean wiser. Former Georgia quarterback James Jackson also didn’t understand the rules of running out the clock. During Georgia’s 1986 matchup against South Carolina, the Bulldogs were up by less than a touchdown with four seconds remaining. James kept the ball until time expired then dropped it on the Gamecocks’ 10-yard line.Again, no whistle.South Carolina scooped it up and took it to the end zone, but at that time in college football, players could not advance a fumble. It was a dead ball the moment the defender touched it. The rule, since changed, saved Georgia, which held on to win 31-26.BURRILLVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, 2016There were only four seconds left. So the moment a Burrillville (Rhode Island) High School basketball player stole a Chariho inbounds pass, he thought play was over. His whole team thought it was all over. The ball was chucked up into the air, and they celebrated what they believed to be their victory.Little did they realize Chariho caught the throwaway and called a timeout before the time actually ran out. With less than a second left, a perfect lob play led to a Chariho game-winning layup.Burrillville lost 60-59. It was the state championship. (AP) In this April 5, 1993 file photo, Michigan’s Chris Webber, guarded by North Carolina’s Derrick Phelps, calls a timeout in the closing moments of the NCAA finals at the Super Dome in New Orleans. Webber was called for a technical foul because they had no timeouts left and North Carolina went on to win 77-71. J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers isn’t the only athlete to make a costly mental error in big moments. AP NEW YORK – LeBron James’ face said it all. J.R. Smith messed up. And the Cleveland Cavaliers paid for his mistake as they lost Game 1 of the NBA Finals 124-114 to the Golden State Warriors in overtime.The score was tied at 107 with 4.7 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Cleveland was at the line. George Hill’s free-throw attempt bounced off the rim, and Smith rebounded. Instead of putting a shot up while near the basket, Smith dribbled out toward midcourt and kept it – despite James’ shouts for the ball.Time ran out. Overtime ensued. Golden State won.Welcome to the club of big blunders, Smith.last_img read more

UWF Baseball Tied For Sixth In Latest NCBWA South Region Poll

first_imgPrint Friendly Version WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. –  No. 23 UWF baseball (27-11, 17-5 GSC) came in at sixth in this week’s National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Division II South Region Top 10.The Argos are coming off another series win over the weekend vs. Auburn Montgomery. UWF has won 22 of the last 26 games. The Argos have won or split their last seven conference series.This is the sixth straight week in the Top 10 for West Florida. The team entered the poll tied for ninth with West Georgia, rose to No. 7 and then to No. 4 before dropping back to No. 6 two weeks ago. The team rose to No. 5 last week and came in tied for sixth with Saint Leo (29-8) in this week’s edition. The Argos are nationally-ranked, having checked in at No. 23 in the latest Collegiate Baseball poll last week.Tampa (31-5) came in at No. 1 in the South Region for the third straight week with 80 points and eight first-place votes. Florida Southern (32-4-1) supplanted Delta State in second place with 68 points. The Statesmen (30-7) came in third with 64 points. Nova Southeastern (26-9) came in at fourth while North Alabama (28-12) checked in at fifth. Montevallo (30-13), Mississippi College (26-10), and Lee (23-19) rounded out the rest of the NCBWA South Region Top 10 after West Florida and Saint Leo.The Argos currently stand at second place in the Gulf South Conference, currently trailing conference leader Delta State (18-4 GSC) and North Alabama (18-6 GSC). UWF next travels to North Georgia (23-15, 15-9 PBC) tonight and Wednesday for a two-game series. First pitch in Dahlonega tonight is set for 7:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. CT.For the latest information on the Argos, follow the team on Twitter @UWF_Baseball.#ARGOS#last_img read more

Nanyang University Punya Bus Kampus Elektrik? Unpad dan UI Juga Punya Tapi…

first_imgNTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle. Sumber: intelligenttransport.com Hadirnya moda transportasi darat di dunia perkuliahan memang dapat menunjang mobilitas para mahasiswa. Selain tidak perlu capek berjalan, efisiensi waktu menjadi pertimbangan utama yang melatarbelakangi hadirnya sarana transportasi di kampus-kampus yang memiliki luas wilayah super besar. Seperti langkah yang diambil oleh Nanyang Technological University (NTU), dimana salah satu kampus yang namanya sudah mendunia ini menghadirkan sarana transportasi untuk mengangkut orang-orang di sekitaran kampus.Baca Juga: “Bus Sekolah Gratis,” Aplikasi Monitoring Bus Sekolah di JakartaDilansir KabarPenumpang.com dari laman newatlas.com (24/1/2018), mengingat efisiensi waktu menjadi poin penting dalam hadirnya sarana transportasi tersebut, universitas yang berada di Singapura ini diketahui tengah bereksperimen dengan Electric Vehicle (EV) berbentuk shuttle yang hanya membutuhkan waktu 20 detik saja untuk melakukan pengisian ulang daya hingga penuh! NTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle, merupakan nama dari moda yang memiliki 22 seat yang dirilis pada 22 Januari silam, hasil kerja sama NTU dan BlueSG, layanan carsharing berbasis kendaraan listrik pertama asal Singapura. Tidak seperti EV lain yang hanya mengandalkan baterai dan membutuhkan waktu yang lama dalam proses pengisian daya, moda ini dilengkapi dengan supercapacitors dan baterai Lithium-Metal-Polymer (LMP) yang dikembangkan oleh Blue Solutions. Inilah yang menjadikan NTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle unggul dalam hal waktu pengisian daya.Presiden NTU, Subra Suresh mengatakan bahwa kehadiran EV berbentuk shuttle bus ini dapat meminimalisir pencemaran lingkungan. “Penggunaan kendaraan listrik yang berfungsi sebagai angkutan umum tengah dikembangkan di seluruh dunia, karena ini menunjukkan bahwa sistem transportasi menjadi lebih efisien dan mengurangi emisi gas rumah kaca,” tutur Subra.Dalam ‘penampilan’ perdananya, membutuhkan waktu sekitar dua minggu untuk menentukan rute uji coba dari kendaraan  yang mampu menempuh jarak hingga 30km dalam sekali charge ini. Rencananya, NTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle ini akan beroperasi di NTU hingga dua tahun ke depan.Jika diperhatikan, tidak hanya Nanyang yang menyediakan sarana transportasi untuk keperluan mobilitas mahasiswa di sana. Sebut saja Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) yang berlokasi di Jatinangor, Jawa Barat yang juga menyediakan layanan serupa, walaupun modanya masih menggunakan mesin diesel. Moda berbentuk bus gandeng tanpa kaca tersebut melayani mobilitas mahasiswa dan staf kampus yang hendak melakukan perjalanan dari gerbang pejalan kaki menuju masing-masing fakultas dan rektorat dengan rute yang sudah ditentukan sebelumnya. Para penumpangnya pun tidak dipungut biaya sepeserpun untuk menggunakan moda ini.Baca Juga: “Bikun,” Bus Kampus Yang Kadung Jadi LegendSeperti halnya Unpad, Universitas Indonesia (UI) juga memiliki layanan serupa yang namanya telah lebih dahulu tenar dibandingkan kedua layanan di atas. Adalah Bikun yang merupakan singkatan dari Bis Kuning, sudah mulai melayani mahasiswa UI sejak tahun 1988 silam. Berbeda dengan Unpad yang hanya memiliki satu rute saja, Bikun memiliki dua rute yang diinisialkan dengan rute merah dan biru. Walaupun titik awal dan akhir perjalanan dari kedua rute ini sama, hanyalah titik pemberhentiannya saja yang berbeda-beda.Saking melegendanya, nama Bikun juga diangkat menjadi sebuah coffee shop yang berada di dalam Fakultas Hukum. Uniknya lagi, coffee shop tematik ini berdiri di atas kerangka Bikun yang sudah tidak beroperasi lagi. Meski telah menjadi identitas UI Depok, pengelolaan Bikun dilakukan secara outsourcing, dan sayangnya pengoperasian Bikun telah berakhir pada tahun 2015.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedBus Listrik di Singapura Meluncur Tahun Depan, Interiornya Mirip ‘Punya’ TransJakarta19/11/2019In “Bus dalam kota”Teknologi Low-Floor Mudahkan Penumpang Difabel Naik Bus31/08/2017In “Bus dalam kota”Kolaborasi Volvo dan NTU, Singapura Sukses Uji Coba Bus ‘Besar’ Otonom Pertama di Dunia06/03/2019In “Bus dalam kota”last_img read more

Udoh, Olamilekan in as Eagles battle Liberia tomorrow

first_imgFresh from a 3-0 defeat of Seychelles in an African Nations Cup qualifier in Victoria on Saturday, the Super Eagles will take on their Liberian counterparts in an international friendly tomorrow.The Eagles, who will welcome four new players, including captain of CAF Confederation Cup quarterfinalists, Enyimba, Mfon Udoh and four other home–based professionals, will leave for Monrovia this night.According to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Coach Gernot has listed 18 players for the game. The players are Ezenwa (also with Enyimba FC), defenders Adeleye Olamilekan of FC IfeanyiUbah and Ebube Duru of Lobi Stars, as well as Enyimba FC forward Sunday Adetunji.Apart from goalkeeper Ikechukwu Ezenwa, who travelled with the team to Seychelles for Saturday’s 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against the Pirates, all the other home–based professionals have been directed to report at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos today latest by 3.00 p.m.Ezenwa and the 13 other players would fly into Lagos from Addis Ababa today, before the contingent is flown to Monrovia aboard an ARIK Air plane.The match is in celebration of Liberian President, former World Footballer of the Year, George Oppong Weah, and is scheduled for the 35,000–capacity Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.The goalkeepers in the team are Ikechukwu Ezenwa (Enyimba FC) and Daniel Akpeyi (Chippa United, South Africa), while Semi Ajayi (Rotherham United, England); Chidozie Awaziem (FC Porto, Portugal); Adeleye Olamilekan (FC IfeanyiUbah); Jamilu Collins (SC Padeborn 07, Germany); and Ebube Duru (Lobi Stars) are the defenders.The midfielders listed for the game are Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City, England); Oghenekaro Etebo (Stoke City FC, England); John Ogu (Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Israel); Kelechi Nwakali (FC Porto, Portugal); Joel Obi (AC Chievo Verona, Italy), while Kelechi Iheanacho (Leicester City, England); Simeon Nwankwo (Crotone FC, Italy); Henry Onyekuru (Galatasaray SK, Turkey); Sunday Adetunji (Enyimba FC); Samuel Kalu (Bordeaux FC, France) and Mfon Udoh (Enyimba FC) are the attackers called up by Rohr.last_img read more

LNG Project Facing Uncertainty, Rising Costs

first_imgFacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享State House and Senate lawmakers today heard from AK LNG Senior Project manager Steve Butt about the uncertainty and rising costs facing the multi-billion dollar project. Butt: “You know there’s a lot of uncertainty in front of us. We’ve got some votes in front of us, what happens in 2017? What happens as we complete the deliverables? All the parties have options, I’m not sure all the parties have made decisions yet, and I wouldn’t speculate on what they’re thinking.” Rep. Dan Saddler of Eagle River asked Butt if the work done so far will expire if the project is shelved for a time. Butt replied that much of the geotechnical and similar work will last up to a decade, but some of the socio-economic studies will expire very quickly as the community changes. Saddler further asked about Butt’s feelings regarding the future of the project… The Governor has previously suggested the state should hold a much larger share of the project’s ownership. Butt: “One of the most important guidelines there is: ‘Don’t make mistakes when you’re spending a lot of money.’ I’ve said in previous session, back in the concept days, over a whole year and a half we spent maybe $30 million a year, kind of numbers, $30 million every eight months. In the Pre-FEED phase we’ll spend about $30 million a month, in the FEED phase you would spend in the order of $30 million a week, and in the execution phase you spend in the order of $30 million a day.”last_img read more

Sloppy Seagulls beat Silver Star

first_imgThe Seagulls, known as an offensive powerhouse, got off to a sluggish start, finishing their early possessions with three punts, an interception and a lost fumble.They finally scored when Sugawara hit Noriaki Kinoshita with 3-yard touchdown pass with 39 seconds remaining in the first half.The Seagulls took seized the momentum when they opened the second half with an eight-play, 41-yard touchdown drive that gave them a 14-0 lead. Sugawara’s 15-yard pass to Ken Shimizu on third-and-15 on Silver Star 22-yard line was the highlight of the drive.But Sugawara’s first interception of the day gave the ball to the Silver Star on its own 48-yard line.The Silver Star, alternating between quarterbacks Kazuma Ando and Minoru Tono, advanced to the Seagulls 11-yard line on nine plays.On fourth down, the Silver Star faked a field goal attempt, and wide receiver Kazuya Togura took the snap and threw a touchdown pass to Kentaro Umeda with 4:47 to go in the third quarter.On the ensuing possession, the Seagulls marched to the Silver Star 21-yard line, but Asahi defensive back Masato Mogi intercepted Sugawara’s pass in the end zone to deny the Seagulls’ scoring chance.After exchanging a couple of punts, however, the Seagulls managed to extend their lead when Koji Yamazaki rushed 15 yards for a score with 11:52 left in the game, making the score 21-7 that turned out the final score.“I can’ t say that we, not only players but coaches, took this game seriously enough,” Obic heach coach Makoto Ohashi said. “We were not able to do what we expected to be able to do. You can’t miss easy passes or allow the opponent to make a special play that you knew they would use.“We have to learn from this game. You have to stand up yourself. You can’t expect someone else to stand up for you. We have to improve in two weeks (before the next game).” X League, Obic Seagulls GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES Shun Sugawara overcame three turnovers — two interceptions and a lost fumble — to throw two touchdown passes as the three-time defending champion Obic Seagulls defeated the Asahi Beer Silver Star 21-7 on Monday at Tokyo’s Oi No. 2 Stadium in the X League.The Seagulls, who stayed unbeaten with a 6-0 record, moved one step closer to an unprecedented fourth consecutive X League championship while the Silver Star dropped to 3-3.center_img KEYWORDS IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5last_img read more

Day, Mickelson chasing Taylor at Pebble Beach

first_img Australian Jason Day and defending champion Phil Mickelson were on the heels of Nick Taylor as the Canadian maintained a two-shot lead in the US PGA Tour Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Taylor, chasing his second US tour title, fired a six-under par 66 at Pebble Beach Golf Links — one of three courses in use for the tournament along with the par-72 Spyglass Hill and par-71 Monterey Peninsula Shore Course. After his 63 at Monterey Peninsula on Thursday, Taylor had a 14-under par total of 129. Press Trust Of India COMMENT Written By LIVE TV Former world number one Day fired an eight-under par 64 at Pebble Beach for a 12-under total of 131, while Mickelson, a five-time winner of the event, carded a seven-under 64 at Monterey Peninsula for an 11-under total of 132.”I hit some really good shots coming in and made all the putts,” said Taylor, whose seven birdies included four in his last five holes.”It was nice to get off to a really good start — I was three-under through six,” Taylor said. “I made some good pars in the middle of the round — actually made a good bogey save at the 12th hole — and made some really nice putts coming in the last five holes.” After his lone bogey of the day at 12, Taylor drained an 18-foot birdie at the 14th and a four-footer at the 15th. He rolled in a nine-footer at 17 and a 16-footer at 18 to cap his round. Day climbed the leaderboard with a bogey-free effort at Pebble Beach, where the final round will be played on Sunday. Along with an eagle at the par-five 14th — where he chipped in from 40 yards out — Day notched six birdies, including a 23-foot birdie at the 18th. Mickelson had an eagle, seven birdies and two bogeys at Monterey Peninsula, falling back with a bogey at his final hole, the ninth. He’ll play Pebble Beach on Saturday while Taylor and Day move to the hardest course in the rotation, Spyglass Hill. “I think the forecast is for a bit of wind (Saturday) so, Spyglass, there will be some challenging holes up by the water,” Taylor said. “(I’ll) just keep my head down and try to make some birdies.” center_img First Published: 8th February, 2020 09:28 IST “I would like to win,” said Day, who has been a consistent top-10 finisher at Pebble Beach for the last six years.”That’s the main goal is to try and win one. But I’ve played very well here. I love everything about Pebble and the landscape that all three golf courses that are on.” SUBSCRIBE TO US Last Updated: 8th February, 2020 09:28 IST Day, Mickelson Chasing Taylor At Pebble Beach Australian Jason Day and defending champion Phil Mickelson were on the heels of Nick Taylor as the Canadian maintained a two-shot lead in the US PGA Tour WATCH US LIVE FOLLOW USlast_img read more

Ex-Arsenal star Serge Gnabry goes public with model girlfriend Sandra Jerze as she posts loved-up holiday snap

first_imgBAYERN MUNICH forward Serge Gnabry has scored off the pitch as well as on it after bagging himself a model girlfriend.The 25-year-old – who scored in the German Cup final against Bayer Leverkusen earlier this month – is on a well-earned break before he is due to return ahead of the resumption of the Champions League.Serge Gnabry and Sandra Jerze are believed to have been dating since MarchAnd he has wasted no time in jetting off with his partner Sandra Jerze – who posted a snap of the two together on holiday in Greece.SunSport reported in April how the ex-Arsenal winger had been cosying up to the 23-year-old and were in the early stages of a relationship.But the two have now went official in their romance, with Swiss beauty Jerze sharing a picture of them during their Greek getaway.The model posted the picture on her Instagram story to her 28,900 followers.In the photo, a smitten Gnabry can be seen with his arm around Jerze’s belly as she leans back resting on his shoulder.And Arsenal fans will be hoping to see her at the Emirates next campaign after fans begged Gnabry to “come home” after he wore a Gunners top during a Bayern video call.It’s been another stunning season for the ex-Werder Bremen ace as he won his second consecutive domestic double.Swiss model Jerze boasts almost 29,000 followers on InstagramCredit: Instagram @JerzeView this post on Instagram🖤A post shared by JERZE SANDRA (@jerze) on Jul 16, 2020 at 11:11am PDTIn 42 games in all competitions this term, he has chipped in with an incredible 20 goals while also providing 13 assists. And the Bavarian outfit will hope his form continues when the club face Chelsea in their Champions League Round of 16 second leg tie at the Allianz Arena next month.Gnabry already scored twice in 3-0 first leg victory at Stamford Bridge, and he banged in four on his previous return to London away at Tottenham in the group stage.View this post on Instagram⏳A post shared by JERZE SANDRA (@jerze) on Jul 9, 2020 at 10:09am PDTView this post on Instagram🐒A post shared by JERZE SANDRA (@jerze) on May 31, 2020 at 12:24pm PDTView this post on InstagramYes.A post shared by JERZE SANDRA (@jerze) on Mar 29, 2020 at 9:28am PDTView this post on Instagram🖤A post shared by JERZE SANDRA (@jerze) on May 3, 2020 at 12:24pm PDTSerge Gnabry wears Arsenal shirt during Bayern Munich conference call Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heels People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 8 MOST DANGEROUS RAINS of All Time | TOP 10 INTERESTING Funny Moments Of Football Source: Soccer – thesun.co.ukcenter_img Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017 What’s This “Trick” Called? Comment Down Below!! Omg this is awesome 🙂 Top 5 Best Budget Hotels In Dubai under AED 400 a night.last_img read more