Share how to identify Links.

know Shanghai Longfeng people should know the role of the nofollow tag, his role is to search engine that this link and the Never mind. When spider climb, nofollow tag is encountered will directly blocked links. Is the way to deal with this cheating chain, changing the chain opened the website of the other side of the source file, use the domain name search tool to find their own, if found to have nofollow label, which do not consider the direct link deleted.

1: the use of JS code to call your read more

Five reasons to invest in PPC and Shanghai Longfeng content development

five, you have the opportunity to develop exciting and interesting content, these content will have social and link potential, it will be a powerful strategy. Every business is different, so the online marketing strategy is also different. You must be the best investment for content development for specific to your business assessment, determine the content of your development cycle. < >

usually, content innovation cost was put in the search engine optimization. Now, due to the interaction of social media and Shanghai dragon, content marketing hot again, Shanghai dragon team and marketing executives and regulators to determine their development content and cost. However, great content not only awesome Shanghai dragon and social media. If the correct management, excellent content also awesome paid search. read more