Why web page weights lower than the weight of the inside pages

The quality of the chain


three, the website is suspected of cheating

solution: from the aspects of quality and quantity of the chain, strengthen the construction of the chain website home page.

solution: deliberate, prohibit frequent modification of web page.

other reasons, website, home chain failure will lead to the use of "site:" grammar, found the home page weight is lower than that of the inner page weight. The first A5, please indicate the Xiamen Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝pengjinjie贵族宝贝/. read more

Love Shanghai strong push the credibility of the search engine and change

defines love yourself, love the good reputation of Shanghai V: is a collection of the website and behind the business entity qualifications, certificate of authenticity, trustworthy behavior, consumer commitment, reputation evaluation data, credit rating and credit growth in value, the present situation of the website comprehensive reputation for Internet users, as users making reference. But many popular industry is not loved Shanghai into the scope of certification, such as moving, medical, entertainment, loans, lottery and personal website. Perhaps the follow-up special industry certification gradually. read more

Hyperlink algorithm upgrade cheat conjecture — will pull the curtain K station continued tonight

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K tonight: station index assumes

.The purchase or sale of

index: tonight K station assumes

by creating cross round value chain established a web page or site. Although Google Chinese withdrew from the mainland market, but PR still left in the Links exchange market, by many Shanghai PR and Shanghai Er to dragon dragon, and cross links become the main means of high weight station upgrade website page. In fact, for the drawbacks of cross links is very much, apart from this first change chain model is not good management, then cross link value is nothing more than the PR value of the site and keywords ranking, the purpose of both sides is not the same as the lead to the final result is unsatisfactory, and cross links related to the black hat tactics, this is a Shanghai dragon circles taboo. read more

Love Shanghai original site protection plan, how to add the original protection What are the benefit

protect the love is not the first year in Shanghai, but for many years, but each time in the hope that failed to get a better result.

to do this is to separate collection and original area, the feeling is very easy, but the love inside Shanghai is actually to open up is: capture, collection, storage, display and so on all aspects of the department. This is not to say that only a department will be able to solve the problem, but also for the identification of love Shanghai is you go to someone else’s platform to publish content, you posted on their website content in sea to grab this is not the case, so that the original thing love Shanghai this time must be done properly, I hope you webmaster to cooperate with Shanghai in the first half of this year have been in love silently out of the original sound inside do, get better support! Some small website some sites with big love Shanghai will be original content protection, then don’t worry about the small web pages of original content is slow. read more

The search engine more intelligent way of expression

of the way

now the number of links does not determine the website ranking, I feel no need to do too much garbage connection, if you want to do website ranking, can do some high quality and has a guiding role of the link is of high quality Links. The Ya Ya play mobile phone games: 贵族宝贝yayawan贵族宝贝/ original, reproduced please indicate the source.

this method before the effect is very good, but with the change of the Internet, the website has become more and more, now like the classification directory submission or as before that the effect is good, so the novice friends need not be obsessed with it. read more

How to know love Shanghai and leave a link to your site

The key to improve the conversion rate of

is that you can use the contents of an expert or the identity of the questioner and also had the problem of the identity of the answer, the content must not be too absolute, only recommend * * * best, the other is garbage like, this is just. Or advertising. Answer should try to use the method of comparative law, and out of their respective advantages and disadvantages for the questioner, of course it can take advantages of writing more in their promotion of products. read more

Seo do garbage station day earn one hundred yuan cheatsWhy do entrepreneurs also have fun with artif


is the link of A web page to B web page, then A link is the reverse link of B web page.


do reverse link to pay attention to continuity and stability, how much hair a day, how many days continuously, do not send today do not send tomorrow,

The concept of

three, hang ad

do backlinks?

large corporation will be the infrastructure of artificial intelligence and automatic driving


in artificial intelligence, automatic driving field, Ali, sh419, shlf1314 and other large enterprises is very arrogant, but also put a lot of resources, but the enterprise is more in the "Bridge Road", and set the standard for building ecological effect. In the field of artificial intelligence and automatic driving, large enterprises often locate themselves as infrastructure, and develop a platform for other entrepreneurs to take part in them, and gradually enrich their ecology. read more

The new website optimization, not instant success, More haste, less speed!

, a website, the link is not optimized, the user experience is not high: just do website builders rarely done a comprehensive diagnosis of column structure comprehensive and page links, only with the company’s marketing urgently on the internet. This is bound to leaks, common problems include "a dead link, website website content is repeated, etc., once just do" into the space, is bound to be love Shanghai spiders to crawl at any time, if the site as a whole layout defect, or dead links, is bound to make the website to love Shanghai and other search engines to leave a bad impression, it will cause harm to the passive situation of website optimization work late. read more

On page optimization three note

1, page optimization is not only keywords optimization

page optimization in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is one of the basic contents, but also the focus, but many webmaster because understanding of page optimization is to update the content, keywords optimization of these two aspects, in the optimization process always imperceptibly step such as misunderstanding, this article will share with you four page optimization attention, to avoid misunderstanding more page optimization webmaster makes efforts in vain. read more

How to do a good job in Shanghai English noble baby Longfeng foreign trade station

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1, select a reliable host space, independent of IP, it is very important to the search engine, only the stable space is the basic guarantee of ranking.

The following

around the central idea I have a discussion with you my idea:

Update the

2, now a lot of open source program to build a website, such as WordPress, phpbb, Vanilla etc. are excellent open source, very friendly to Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon station is concerned we need extra money to buy website program.

The noble read more