Taobao shop

for Taobao such a complex online trading platform, many shops operating products are similar, perhaps the shop score is much, in this context, a good name will be very important. However, for numerous shopkeepers, the shop name is also extremely difficult. So, Taobao shop how to name?

Taobao shop named role

shops and even the same, although just a symbol, but because of his meaning, shape, number of strokes, the font is not the same, it will have a role to play for the operator. The name of a shop is pleasant, loud does not necessarily have much help on how to operate. The key is to look at the name and identification of the collocation between the name, five grams of health status, health status of the owner of the shop hit five grams with the name. read more

The things that Wang Lifen started

there are so many women make men are strange enough, their courageous sense more courage, a few days before the TV host is to say the Wang Lifen story in the CCTV, when the host is good, she is another founder of the road network video, such as this has been a successful food media. A listen to those things about her business.


meter net not only celebrities playing card

it is understood that Wang Lifen is the famous CCTV host, once in the "Oriental Horizon", "focus" and "investigative journalism" to do five years of investigative journalist, founder of the "dialogue" column, founder of the restoration of economic channel "economic information network" and became the first chief producer when. In 2009, Wang Lifen resigned from the CCTV office, in 2010 founded the network television quality rice network. read more

Henan next year will be the full implementation of a unified urban and rural residents medical insur

is divided into agricultural population and non-agricultural population in our country, and both of them enjoy different preferential policies in many aspects. In October 21st, reporters from the province’s integration of urban and rural residents in the basic medical insurance system for teleconference was informed that next year, our province will fully implement the unified medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, rural residents in the province’s about 80000000 will be the same as the about 11000000 urban residents enjoy equal treatment of urban and rural residents’ medical security. read more

How to choose home textile brand project

choose home textile brand project, we must do a good job of inspection. One is a cheat, is to find a reliable guarantee for yourself. How to choose the right home textile brand project? Many novice on this issue are relatively unfamiliar, may be considered is not very comprehensive, small compiled a few points, hoping to provide you with some business advice.

1. regional factor

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What flavor cooked food investment margin

in China business people up, but among them there are a large part of some experience and no cost of entrepreneurs, because they have nothing, so you can go, but one can not eat fat, not dry can do poineering work, as can be successful. Need to step by step slowly, for this type of project investors are more suitable for the venture is a small investment type. The development and changes in the food industry in recent years, countless entrepreneurs who want to engage in small cooked food business opportunities. The food chain which brand is good? As a member of thousands of cooked food brands, good margin of cooked food, carefully selected each kind of raw materials, production process and standardization, visible operation mode, so that consumers enjoy healthy food without any additives at a time. read more

Housekeeping stores to pay attention to what

With the rapid development of

industry, more and more domestic brands appear in our daily life. So, open a home to join in the shop, how to manage better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction, in the hope that we can play a role in helping.

domestic stores long-term development of stable survival, its advantages are more professional, but the real popular business needs mature skills, so that everyone in the open domestic stores have the extra attention to these issues, combined with practical, so to remind everyone in this small series skills are key tips for success need you more to practice. read more

Do you know how to successy open a clothing store – the whole

entrepreneurship is the dream of many people, want to start to change their present situation is also a lot of people, a lot of people have their entrepreneurial dreams, the apparel industry is very hot, so also attracted the attention of entrepreneurs. Some people want to open their own clothing store, then how to successy open a clothing store? Here we recommend some business skills, I hope we can bring some help.

clothing store management skills 1: clothing store shop effect

people into the store to see the first is a kind of effect, this effect can not only rely on the style of clothing can be formed, the customer’s mood, store taste, credibility and so will affect the overall effect. Suggest that you may wish to install a large format in the clothing store mirror, not only to expand the visual space of the shop, but also facilitate the customer fitting. read more

What are the secrets of pig industry’s pig nanny

often curse will say you are a pig ah, as if the pig is really no use, in fact, pigs can also get rich! A lot of farmers at home to raise pigs, and then sell the pig, there is such a different from the ordinary people of the uncle, he opened a new pig raising skills, to the baby when the nanny, then the development of how? Look together.

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How to choose beauty skin care products to join agents

has not been engaged in the project to join a friend, the first investment project to join the sometimes accidentally cheated. In order to allow investors to more clearly how to choose the right to join the business channel ( for you to join the project for cosmetic case, need to pay attention to in the investment project of affiliate products.
first for cosmetics and skincare franchise project investors, selection of this project is to choose a promising project or project is reliable. But for many entrepreneurs who experience the crowd, even if it is aware of the importance of this aspect, but it is still not clear how to choose. Here we talk about how to choose beauty skin care stores.
however some brands throughout the beauty chain does not have a very high reputation customer value; its reputation and popularity is not enough; there is no very high rate of market coverage and market share. Does not have a set of scientific, standardized, systematic identification of standards and methods, so that the brand is not authoritative, nor can it be accepted and recognized by the majority of consumers.
we mainly from two aspects for details of how to choose cosmetics stores made the introduction, I believe that many of the entrepreneurs in detail after reading through this. read more