Seminar on national defense education held by the Education Bureau of the north of the city

national defense education is a country in order to safeguard sovereignty, territorial integrity and security, resist foreign aggression, all citizens of the education activities. National defense education is the basis of national defense education, and is an important part of quality education. In order to increase the staff education system at all levels of leadership and Education Bureau of national defence consciousness and awareness of national defense, July 12th, the District Education Bureau invited District People’s Armed Forces Department of lands chief Han Haizhou carried out lectures on national defense education.
through lectures, so that participants in thought and action to accept the patriotic education baptism, further enrich the military knowledge, and further enhance the patriotic education and national defense concept. read more

Starting this month, Gas Co began heating the sale of gas per household residents can purchase 500 s

October 8th, the reporter learned from the Xining oil and Gas Co., Ltd., starting this month to start heating gas sales, residents can purchase 500 square meters per month of natural gas. In addition to the purchase of gas at a fixed point of sale of gas gas, residents can choose the post office or bank outlets.

currently, the provincial capital of a total of 11 natural gas charges. Among them, the Bank of Qinghai branch of the road to the relocation of the Bank of Qinghai Bayi Road branch, the Yellow River Road gas terminal equipment customer service center moved to the west side of the street Zhuo Zhuo gas terminal equipment 4S shop. Provincial natural gas charging outlets: Victory Road gas service hall; Xining City Post Office (Grand Hall); Xining City Post Office (Nanchuan Road business hall); Bank of Qinghai branch of Bank of Qinghai branch; bridge; Bank of Qinghai 54 Street Branch of the Bank of Qinghai; Kunlun Bridge Branch; branch of Bank of Qinghai Development Zone; Qinghai Bank of the Yellow River branch of Bank of Qinghai road power; Bayi Road branch; West Main Street Zhuo gas terminal equipment 4S shop. (author: Li Yanfang)
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Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out the big visit to open the door and the provinci

Recently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau in Beijing Normal University to carry out the province’s public security organs double top ten candidates into the campus activities

recently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau in Beijing Normal University to carry out the province’s public security organs double top ten candidates into the campus activities. Deputy director of the municipal narcotics detachment Yang Youlin, Interpol detachment five battalion captain Han Jin, traffic police detachment Brigade squadron instructor in the city of the city of China, with nearly students in the high school affiliated with the exchange of more than a hundred students in the exchange of two. read more

Speed up the construction progress of the project, improve the management and operation mechanism, a

Recently, Cheng Lihua, vice governor of Sanjiang, the source of the national high school, Career Technical College, Xining City, Qinghai Normal University and the new campus, research and supervision of the construction of the project and the school ready to work. She stressed the need to accelerate the progress of the project construction, strengthen school management operations, to ensure the timely delivery of use, and strive to do a high level of characteristics of first-class schools.

Cheng Lihua fully understand the source of Sanjiang national middle school new campus construction projects, requirements of the provincial education department and the school to accelerate off projects, refine the relocation settled plan, earnestly implement the teacher training, enrollment plan, innovation management model, and actively explore new ways of running the same, the formation of successful model can be replicated across the province. read more

Three kinds of cultural needs three-dimensional service pattern

9 27, sponsored by the Ministry of culture, Qinghai Province cultural and press and publication department hosted the "area of" talent support program for the implementation of the special training of cultural workers training courses held in Xining city. Reporters learned that the three district cultural support for the work of the province’s cultural development has brought a rare opportunity to inject new vitality. In three years, the province’s total of 2890 selected cultural workers, training grassroots cultural workers in 383, training at all levels in the province cultural administration personnel, professional and technical personnel, farmers and herdsmen cultural skills personnel 12286 people (Times), to improve the quality of grassroots cultural talents strengthen grassroots cultural foundation, three-dimensional pattern of service the initial formation of agricultural and pastoral areas, urban three cultural demand. read more

Xining check the spring of education charges who will be severely punished arbitrary charges

to conscientiously implement the "national standard of education fees, further control of television and telephone conference fees" spirit education, regulate the collection of fees, education, education fees in the spring before the start of the city Department of Education issued a notice requiring the district normalization of each district, and will be with the City Council, supervision, finance, price, audit, news media and other departments of the joint inspection unit, to carry out spring examination fees for education action within the city. read more

Xining City, Zhou Jia Quan 700 inhabitable households to live in the high level.

yesterday morning, in Xining city is located in the Huangshui River Nanan, 71 road and Delingha Road intersection Joint Village area of a project — Zhou Jiaquan, Xining Jinfeng Riverside Garden project with a total investment of 700 million yuan in Xining City, Zhou Jiaquan rebuilding project. Joint village more than and 700 old households will completely bid farewell to the old dirty, chaotic, poor village life, living in high-rise residential buildings.

Zhou Jiaquan rebuilding project is one of the focus of Xining city renovation area, is "11th Five-Year" during the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government’s major construction projects, it is also the most difficult project, the highest degree of concern to the masses. Kam Fung project where the Joint Village Road narrow village, villagers dilapidated houses, bumpy roads muddy, is currently one of the most serious environmental sanitation, chaos, poor phenomenon in Xining. Effectively improve the living environment of more than 3000 residents of the village is the Xining municipal government has always wanted to solve one of the key livelihood issues. read more

Xining city held the Fourth Congress of Returned Overseas Chinese

December 18th morning, Xining City, the Fourth Congress of Returned Overseas Chinese held in Qinghai Hotel, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Su Rong, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Fade, the Federation Chairman Gao Yongying attended the meeting.

meeting summed up the work of the Third Municipal Federation, adopted the Xining Municipal Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese working rules (Draft), elected the Fourth Municipal Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the new Municipal Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese leadership. According to the conference, the City Federation of education guide the returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese to unite around the party and the government, new ideas and new methods to actively explore overseas friendship, in politics, maintain overseas interests, overseas friendship, the introduction of capital, the introduction of talent, donate and play an important role in poverty alleviation and disaster relief etc. and do a lot of very fruitful work for promoting Xining city economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization construction. read more

Xining railway station

August 4th, the reporters came to the people’s Livelihood — Xining Railway Station renovation project site interview our province key project, Xining public concern, with the present situation of the construction of the Xining Railway Station scene shows to the public. The reporter saw at the scene, everywhere is the proliferation of cranes and sweat busy workers, engineering vehicles shuttling in every corner of the site. According to the Ministry of construction technology construction of China Railway Construction Engineering Group project of Xining Railway Station high Fu Jie minister introduced the current Xining Railway Station reconstruction project has entered the phase of interior decoration, line side station high speed field and speed field is being carried out in hoisting steel structure canopy, the Xining Railway Station modification project half. read more

Qaidam park will debut in November


  for a long time, is located in Qaidam Road, Qaidam Park due to disrepair, the park facilities and other residents in the hearts of the surrounding residents regret. This year, in the original Park North City based investment of 2 million 580 thousand yuan, to upgrade large landscape lighting, lamps, national unity theme wall landscape, is expected at the beginning of November, the public can and a new park to meet the.

it is understood that the Qaidam Park terrain for the Panhandle, things for 1.4 kilometers, but a total area of 6.77 hectares of vast Qaidam Park, but not even a fitness equipment, so that people feel very sorry. Residents Zhang aunt said she and his wife hope to be able to install some fitness equipment here, but the Qaidam park built three years, their fitness dream has not been able to achieve. read more

Ring Chinese summer tourism circle regional comprehensive construction quality line

That "regional tourism circle ring Chinese xiadou cooperation conference held yesterday in

, our province" ring Chinese summer tourism circle "regional tourism more closely, also will be the first launch of the regional tourism map, and construct the" ring Chinese summer tourism circle "fine line.

"China summer tourism circle" refers to Xining as the center within 200 km range of the tourism resources, emphasizing the 2 hours from Xining to Qinghai is another tourist, a gilded signboard "for the brand, the formation of regional tourism together, tourism administrations including Xining, Haidong City, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, together constitute the" ring of regional cooperation Chinese summer tourism circle ", in addition to providing faster and more convenient to travel navigation, information query, complaint handling and other services for tourists, emphasis is also placed on the cooperative alliance to promote regional tourism industry upgrading, promotion regional tourism competitiveness, reduce the cost of tourism development, regional tourism brand to do fine. read more

Xining City Audit Bureau audit results should be reflected in the people’s livelihood

March 17th, the Municipal Audit Bureau held an in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development mobilization meeting, the municipal audit bureau Party Secretary Yu Yong in his speech, the results of the audit should be more reflected in the people’s livelihood.

Yu Yong will carry out good study practice, the interests of the masses are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, is the starting point and end point of audit work, should pay special attention to the use of the people concerned about the social security fund, poverty alleviation funds, agricultural funds, education funds and other funds, the audit results reflect more to improve the people’s livelihood. To strengthen the budget implementation audit, investment audit, economic responsibility audit at the same time, pay more attention to promote the effectiveness of audit. read more

Say goodbye to rain today will face hot weather

reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, along with a new round of precipitation weather, hot weather will temporarily bid farewell to our province, during which the northeast of the province’s highest temperature will drop 8 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees celsius. Xining, Haidong and other regions are expected to occur short-term heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, the provincial meteorological observatory yesterday issued a blue rainstorm warning signal to remind local attention to prevent. read more

Xining west station police force create green security environment

Xining Railway Public Security Department of Xining west station station based on the line of police work, conscientiously carry out "through publicity and education, the masses, good work, good foundation of comprehensive management, good order, fight against" theme activities, to create a "green line" security environment, the security environment has made significant improvement in the regions along the railway., effectively ensure the safety of railway transportation.

Xining west station is located in the jurisdiction of the police station section of suburban railway line under the jurisdiction of 38.2 km across the Eastern District of Xining City, West District, North District and Huangzhong County, the railway line both sides of the 20 natural village, 19 primary and secondary schools. In recent years, with the rapid development of market economy and the acceleration of the pace of urban construction, both sides of the railway enterprises increased, the influx of floating population, personnel composition complex. Because some people have safety consciousness, grab more crossing, climbing protection network, random acts of crossing the railway, train operation is extremely easy to make stop, even causing casualties, for personal safety and railway passenger and freight trains are there is a great security risk, a serious impact on the safety and stability of railway transportation. read more

Zhang Xiaorong presided over the fifty-first executive meeting of the municipal government

In September 17th, mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government fifty-first executive meeting to consider "leading cadres at all levels in Xining regularly visiting measures (Draft)" and "Xining city building closer Integrated Medical Association guidelines (Draft)".

to further smooth the masses interests expression channel, improve and perfect the mechanism for safeguarding the rights and interests of Party and government, the city developed a "leading cadres at all levels of Xining city people regularly receive visits to work (Draft)", the leading cadres of the city people visiting the reception time and liberating form made specific provisions.

form a compact integration of the Medical Association, the city is further deepening medical reform, promote the reform of public hospitals, optimize the allocation of medical resources, and promote innovative initiatives to medical resources sinking. "The guidance of Xining city established close integration of medical Consortium (Draft)", will be fair, and benefit the masses as the starting point and foothold, the medical resources in the city area, explore the close type medical consortium established city, county, township and village integration management services, effective to alleviate the difficult and expensive, the doctor away of target. The meeting called for further refinement of the work, and effectively improve the practical operability of the reform program to ensure that the real benefit of the masses through reform.     read more

Yesterday, the Xining national clean-up

shovel, pliers, broom…… April 27th, the restoration of the Xining Jian point package point of responsibility system on the first day, the city of Xining held the first national mobilization clean-up activities, set off a clean home round climax.

this year, according to the characteristics of "establishment of the review of the work of the leading group, Xining city to meet the national sanitary city decided to review the work, municipal departments and units of establishment of contact point package film activities, from April to June schedule a weekly, and in every Saturday. July to September, assigned a special person every day to participate in the joint point package of community or village "Jian Wei" activities. read more

Too many things for the eye to see

Provincial government held a quarter of the industrial economy will be analyzed

4 20, vice governor Wang Liming presided over the province’s industrial economic situation analysis, summed up the work of the first quarter, coordinate and solve related problems, the next step in the deployment of work.

Wang Liming pointed out that this year, after the joint efforts of the province, the province’s industrial economy is relatively stable operation, to achieve a good start for the next step to lay the foundation to enhance confidence. In the face of achievements, we must clearly recognize that there are still many difficulties and problems in the operation of the industrial economy, do a good job in the two quarter, arduous task, significant. All regions and departments to further clarify the responsibility to strengthen measures to increase efforts to ensure that the two quarter, more than half of the task, to lay a solid foundation for the completion of the annual objectives and tasks. read more

Xining West to Beijing West Train replacement new car into the 160km h white Era

in October 12th, and from Qinghai, Xining and the capital city of Beijing T151/T152 passenger train for the replacement of all 25T type DC600V direct supply air conditioning passenger car body, bid farewell to the 140km/h blue white memory, entered the era of 160km/h.

Xining passenger section for better serving passengers last mile, with practical action to bring passengers safe, convenient and comfortable travel environment, to replace the body as an opportunity, in the spare bedding preparation and training of personnel under the foot work, increase investment in hardware and software. Update all columns bedding, spare parts, greatly enhance the comfort of passengers; to carefully measure the 25T type locomotive plant body upper equipment size, all adopt "tailored" way. The software to strengthen the training, education, organization by the Beijing team all cadres and crew for service, safety, equipment and facilities for the theoretical training and site training, especially for vacuum toilet use, barrier free car door switch, electric wheelchair safety belt fixed card use, voice call system the use of the car, the use of TV method to do a detailed training within the team; Beijing actively organize the flight attendants to the army posture, service etiquette, courtesy, business knowledge training, to a high standard plastic image ningke. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, Green Fair will be fruitful

in the "2012 Chinese · green economy in Qinghai investment and Trade Fair" period, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau in accordance with the overall deployment of the province and the municipal government, a solid job of participating enterprises, foreign businessmen invited, signing the project to collect, Small and micro businesses Forum Organization and supervision work, and achieved fruitful results.

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