double Bao stay of proceedings fries cutlet stay of proceedings of double

first_img3, Xianggu mushroom congee of a kind of dried mushroomMaterialRice 50 grams, a kind of dried mushroom 4, xianggu mushroom 2, sweet green 1, caraway is broken right amount, water 400 milliliter. Practice1. rice and water use 8: 1 scale is put into the conflagration in boiler to be burned. 2. turns next medium baking temperature stews rice to blossom a bit. 3. a kind of dried mushroom piece with Xianggu mushroom piece put in (4 a kind of dried mushroom + ) of 2 Xianggu mushroom, stew begin ropy, also put in onion, it is good to be boiled a little while. 4. puts sweet green and caraway to break finally. 1, buccal stay of proceedings is abluent, cut piece. 2, oil is put to burn heat in boiler, join thick broad-bean sauce of one big spoon to fry sweet. 3, join dawdle to break up fry even, add nextForum of Shanghai night net Enter a few white sugar. 4, fry when having many moisture separate out to dawdle, add boiler to cover boil in a covered pot over a slow fire 34 minutes. 5, stew comes when Shang Zhijian is little, add a few gourmet powder, a bit balm to give boiler can. , stay of proceedings of sweet double Bao fries sauce of the daily life of a family the fleshMaterialDouble Bao stay of proceedings, pork, thick broad-bean sauce, green, garlic, white sugar, gallinaceous essence, water starch, balm. Practice1, pork is abluent section, join wet starch to mix divide evenly, double Bao stay of proceedings is abluentShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city SectionShanghai night net , green garlic section, have oily pot, oily temperature rise comes 5 when becoming heat, put cutlet to slip come loose to become angry to cutlet fish out. 2, a few oil is put again inside boiler, burn heat to put thick broad-bean sauce to fry sweet, put double Bao stay of proceedings to be fried slightly again, put later had slipped with cutlet, add salt, white sugar and a few water to break up fry 3 minutes, put starch of gallinaceous essence, water to tick off Gorgon euryale, drench again a few balm is smooth can. Xiao hangSlip when frying pork, become angry fill instantly piece, , otherwise pork can be lost slippery tender mouthfeel. What introduce in detail is the making method that stay of proceedings of double Bao of the daily life of a family fries cutlet. center_img Forum of Shanghai night net 2, sauce explodes a stay of proceedingsMaterialBuccal stay of proceedings, thick broad-bean sauce, white sugar, gourmet powder, balm. PracticeShanghai noble baby last_img

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